September 2018 – Ein Bericht direkt aus Italien

In der letzten Woche hatte Dalia Besuch von einer Lufthansa Kollegin, die sich das Projekt in Italien angeschaut hat. Wir Airliner4Animals e.V.bedanken uns sehr bei Mirja Karg für ihr Engagement und auch für die begleitende Spendenaktion.

Wir gehen davon aus, dass die meisten Fans und Mitglieder English verstehen, somit folgt der Originaltext.

“My visit to Dalia Attilo and her Charity Help and Hope for Animals just outside Naples was an eye-opener!

The amount of time,money,effort and care Dalia and her friends put into looking after stray dogs and dogs that have been neglected by their former owners is incredible!
Between them they presently look after over 40dogs in their homes while going on daily feeding rounds for the ones they don’t presently have room for. And it’s not only dogs they care for,they look after homeless cats as well. If they come across an animal that needs medical attention they take it to the vet without hesitation though sometimes the funds are short. Presently she needs about 450kg of dog food and 30kg of cat food a month!! ..
Dalia managed to get a “contract” with a clinic nearby that guarantees her quick help for a fair price, though their main field is castrations.
Her main goal is to make sure that as many dogs as possible are getting castrated so the breeding stops. She’s gotten quite far,but there is still “new” dogs or puppies appearing.
Due to the poverty in the area a lot of people want their dogs to breed so they can sell the puppies and hope for money. But Dalia is also trying to do some “educational work” for the locals to make them realise it’s wrong what they’re doing.

During my 3days there, I witnessed the stress of trying to find a temporary home for 2 puppies. We freed a puppy from a chain,so she could have the planned castration done,we had to take a limping puppy to the clinic to find out he’s been hit by a car and has a broken femur (needs operations)and got the good news that 2 other puppies had survived Parvo!
All this while those ladies have families to look after,the 40-odd dogs(some are their own)I’ve mentioned above and drive around for about an hour everyday to feed the strays at different locations!
They urgently need to find homes for at least 12 of them otherwise they can’t take others in for castration etc…
The charity lives solely off donations and the fear of having all those animals to look after but no funds coming in is very stressful.
Dalia will always get any dog prepared for a new home if somebody is interested. She only needs a donation that covers the jabs,chip and passport. She has the details for a company that does transport to Germany for about €150.
I’m presently doing some research for transport to England as well.
Here is pictures of all the poor souls that need homes…
If you’re interested please contact me or Dalia Attilo directly” (Mirja Karg)

Dalia Attilo rettet in der Gegend um Castel Volturno Strassenhunde und Katzen. Sie ist auf weitere Hilfe angewiesen und sie braucht regelmäßige finanzielle Unterstützung. Sie leistet wirklich eine unglaublich gute und wichtige Arbeit im Tierschutz.

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