About us

Support projects to protect animals worldwide…

…that we are directly involved in and to which we maintain close contact through project sponsorship.

We flight personnel travel the world and often come across committed individuals who devote themselves with heart and soul to the welfare of animals. They save them from certain death or from miserable living conditions. They provide them with the food, veterinary care and affection that many of them probably experience for the first time. They also work as a placement center and provide animals with a new home with people that appreciate them and are willing to provide them with the opportunity to live a dignified life.

The idea behind our Association was born. We carefully select projects, provide them with long-term support and care either by incorporating them in our sponsorship program, or via direct unbureaucratic aid from our urgency fund. Furthermore, as a registered non-profit organization we can inspire many more people to take an interest in our ideas.


As representatives of our members and donors, we ensure that funds made available to us are used solely to benefit animals. Every project is supervised by a project sponsor.

                                                                         We fly to help !