Taro Germany e.V.

Rescue, shelter and care for street dogs in Turkey/Edremit

Taro Germany e.V. is the second project our Association is funding.

It will be sponsored by the founding member Andrea Sabel.

Taro Germany e. V. fights for the sustainable improvement of the stray animal problem in Turkey by sponsoring  castration, care of the animals and education in the population.

Andrea Sabel, who puts herself on site whenever she has time and money, was able to convince us quickly with a detailed report and lots of photographic material, on how much help is needed there.

The founder Funda Ekici, originally from Turkey, is, if she is not there herself, kept up to date, by the employees on a daily basis. Among other things by means of photographic material detailing the day-to-day work.

The club already had to struggle with many problems, but they were able to master them. In 2015, for example, they had to abandon the old rescue station and start from scratch with their 200 dogs. Miraculously, they had the chance to take over a new area in Edremit, in order to create a basis for good animal welfare with few means on the completely empty property.

We wish Andrea all the best for her work there and look forward to special, interesting and wonderful reports!

We would like to mention once again that Andrea Sabel is a good friend of a fellow pilot, she is not an airline staff herself.


December 2017:

One leg lost but one life saved

You probably remember Adriano, the male dog of Taro Germany e. V. with the bad injury to the leg….

Last week he underwent surgery and unfortunately his leg could not be saved. The whole bone up to the knee was too destroyed and  all the tissue was necrotic. It had to be amputated immediately.

This is sad and perhaps it could have been saved if it had been found sooner. But the most important thing is, he’s fine, he has survived the surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Running works well and slowly the cute dog is becoming more trusting

He was so lucky… on the street he would not have survived with this injury and inflammation in his body. Of course he will stay with Taro in the shelter and maybe he will be adopted at some point. At Taro there are a few 3-legged dogs and  should you decide to take a dog with a handicap, you will receive endless affection and gratitute.

If you would like to make a donation to Adriano, you can do so via our donation account or via Paypal. Or you can send a donation  to  our “emergency pot”. Your donation will go where it is needed most.