Tierschutzverein Kelsterbach e.V.

Wildlife protection, small animals, exotic species, private care stations

The first project was the animal protection association Kelsterbach e. V. proposed and approved.

This project is supervised by our founding member and new patron Stefanie Pfeifer.

The animal protection association Kelsterbach e.V. cares for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and exotics.

A small difference to other organisations is the existing and approved wildlife station there, of which there are only very few in Germany and whose lobby is very small, which motivated us to choose this particular club.

Dear Stefanie, we wish you continued success with your work in this association and are looking forward to small reports and pictures telling us what our money has been used for.

Here you can go to the animal protection association Kelsterbach


Airlines4Animals on site: A Sunday excursion to Kelsterbach

On July 29 and August 26,2017, the Animal Welfare Society of Kelsterbach e. V. gave the following feed back:  All the rabbits, chosen for medication, have been vaccinated and received the correct protection.

RHD 2 is the highly rampant rabbit epidemic, which is currently killing a large number of animals because the doctors are also giving incorrect advice.

At the beginning of last year, when there was no vaccine available for this disease in Germany, all twelve rabbits died at one foster home within a few days.

Since then the animal protection association Kelsterbach has been particularly concerned about the education and organisation of vaccination campaigns, so that rabbit owners don´t have to lose their animals in this cruel way.

Currently the animal protection association Kelsterbach has 35 rabbits in their care, all of which are taken care of by volunteers in private homes.

The Tierschutzverein – our first sponsoring project covers the costs of the veterinarian and vaccinations, in order to enable the medication of healthy animals.

Luckily the association receives special concessions and only have to pay 25 EURO per animal. Our association Airliner4Animals e. V. was able to transfer just under 550 EURO as a promotional contribution in the last quarter. This money was used for this very important action. Many thanks to our members and all the people who have donated to make this possible.

Two of the many lovely animals are still looking for a loving home: The owner has died  and so far, unfortunately, nobody has been interested in these two sweeties. Maybe someone will find them a nice home?

Many thanks – Steffi Pfeifer for this report

Our association is looking forward to attracting new members – so that we can help even more!